Federal throne speech touches on infrastructure, short on details

Federal throne speech touches on infrastructure, short on details

The Trudeau government’s first throne speech since being returned with a minority to Parliament spoke to the necessity of all parties getting along to make government work, while committing to some big-ticket items for the next four years.

The throne speech, read Thursday by Gov. Gen. Julie Payette, announced the government would move to implement a national pharmacare program, one of the main demands of the NDP. With a minority of seats, the Trudeau government will need additional votes to pass legislation, including those bills considered ‘confidence votes’, such as the budget.

“This fall, Canadians went to the polls. And they returned a minority Parliament to Ottawa.This is the will of the people, and you have been chosen to act on it. And so, we open this 43rd Parliament with a call for unity in the pursuit of common goals and aspirations.”

The speech highlighted the government’s priorities of fighting climate change, strengthening the middle class and pursuing reconciliation with Indigenous people and communities.

There were few references to infrastructure investment, which found its place in the speech’s reference to the need to boost trade, making Canadian businesses more competitive.

“The Government will remove additional barriers to domestic and international trade for businesses and farmers, continue with ambitious investments in infrastructure, and reduce red tape so that it is easier to create and run a start-up or small business.”

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