New Honorary Member – Art Johnston

Art Johnston was inducted as an Honorary Member of the CTAA at the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Bryan Palsat made the presentation to Art with these words:

“It is with pleasure that I present Mr. Art Johnston with the distinguished privilege of Honorary Membership with the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association. I would guess that most of you already know Art, he has been a member of CTAA since 1988 and attending every conference consecutively since 1990 after all. But what you may not know, is the extensive list of Art’s contributions and achievements to both this organization as well as the asphalt technology industry that warrant his induction.”

But first a little background information for context:

Art’s early career started with his “boots on the ground”, working for a paving contractor in southern Alberta. In the mid-1980s, Art decided he had it with all the long days working on the back of a paver, and returned to school earning a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology from Lethbridge College in 1987. Since entering consulting in 1987, Art has become a recognized industry specialist. You name it: pavement design, construction, forensic evaluations, specification development – Art does it and does it well. Over the years, Art has consistently promoted the implementation of new technologies and was one of the early supporters of SuperPave in Canada. He often likes to remind me that he was responsible for the purchase of the second ever produced Troxler gyratory compactor – which is still in use today in the Tetra Tech asphalt laboratory in Lethbridge. Art’s contributions to the industry were recognized by his alma mater receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award from Lethbridge College in 2005.

Within the organization, and by the numbers:

  • Art has authored or co-authored twenty-one technical papers
  • He was the winner of the Norman W. McLeod award 2010
  • He was the winner of the Elaine Thompson award 2001
  • He is a two-time CTAA board member, serving from 2002 to 2011, and again from 2014 to 2016 (as LAC Chair)
  • He was CTAA president in 2009
  • Through his work with Kelly Carrick, implemented the CTAA scholarship program, and acted as the CUPGA Technical Liaison Chair 2005
  • Outside CTAA, Art is an active participant and contributor to other organizations including the TAC, AAPT, and CTEP. Within these organizations, Art has taken pride acting as an ambassador to CTAA, promoting the transfer of information regarding the design, research, and performance of flexible pavements

Over the years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Art on a more personal level.

He is a proud father and grandfather.

He is the curator of sage advice: He once told me that “If you reach a fork in the road, you should probably take it”.

He has an average golf swing but operates a golf cart with lethal precision.

He is named for royalty.  The ‘G’ in ‘Art G. Johnston’ stands for George, not ‘Gus’ as I had once put a large wager on at the office.

He is a man of humility, and would be the first to admit that no one is perfect. He is an unyielding life-long Montreal Canadians fan after all.

Those that work with Art, know him best for his practical approach to pavement engineering and asphalt technology. He can be a tough negotiator but is esteemed for his quiet, respectful manner in delivering observations, opinions, and recommendations.

To many of us here today Art has been a long-serving mentor, colleague, and friend.

And with that, I would like to introduce this year’s CTAA Honorary Member. A man of true grit, and a gentleman through and through, Mr. Art Johnston.

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