63rd CTAA Annual General Meeting

The 63rd Annual  General Meeting of the Association was held on Monday, November 12, 2018, in conjunction with the Annual Conference.  The draft minutes of the AGM are posted in the member’s area – they can be accessed from the Workspace area “Minutes of Annual General Meetings Files”.  Note also that the audited Financial Statements of the Association can also be viewed/downloaded from within this Workspace area (log in here).

A snapshot of the Association’s financial health is shown below.

Revenue 2018 2017
Annual Conference $291,246 $311,348
Dues $125,770 $119,810
Other $11,729 $11,075
Total $428,745 $442,233
Annual Conference $256,860 $303,542
Miscellaneous $33,015 $31,088
Support Services $37,692 $45,793
Board of Directors $9,120 $9,965
Office $17,464 $18,504
Proceedings $43,153 $40,889
Total $397,304 $449,781
Net Income $31,441 -$7,548
Member Equity
Beginning of Year $527,033 $534,581
End of Year $558,474 $527,033

It was discussed at the AGM that membership has dropped over the last several years although dues income remains relatively steady, in part due to higher contributions from Sustaining Members.  The Association board is looking at initiatives to promote membership.

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