232 Street Overpass Project


Part of the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program, the 232 Street Overpass Project included the construction of a two-lane overpass replacing the existing street-level crossing of the CP Rail tracks. In response to the client’s schedule constraints, the BA Blacktop team proposed an innovative solution to replace signalized intersection with a roundabout to accelerate construction.

BA Blacktop team’s proposal was one of eight proposals received. The team ranked highest in technical qualifications and financials. As this design-build project was procured as an early contractor involvement (ECI), proposals were evaluated on team qualifications and experience with some weight on the proposed mark-ups for overhead and profit. It took two weeks to select a lead proponent using ECI process which reduced the overall procurement process by fourteen weeks. The ECI process was carried out in two phases:

Phase One – Open Book

A 12-week development process was carried out on cost-reimbursable basis and included design, procurement and estimating services to develop the scope, schedule and cost of the overpass. During the open-book process the BA Team presented cost saving solutions not considered during project definition phase – an alternative strategy to separate construction of overpass and detour. The team proposed to combine the two scopes by shifting the overpass and constructing detour within the existing right-of-way. The change resulted in less property required and avoided temporary bridge construction across a fish-bearing stream. Cost savings realized were in the order of $2 million. After completing the open book phase, BA Blacktop entered into a fixed price design-build agreement with the Port of Metro Vancouver.

Phase Two – Design-Build

Detailed design and construction on a fixed price basis was signed on September 1, 2012. The project team worked together throughout the design-build phase to optimize construction schedule.

The design-build team was contractually bound to BA Blacktop by subcontract agreements, including CCA 1 contract for subcontractors and Doc 15 – 2000 for consultants (now CCDC 15).

  • Jesse Percy led the project team as design-builder and the prime contractor responsible for all project design and construction activities.
  • Dave Fraser was the coordinating professional and design manager responsible for the design and field reviews of all professionals of record.
  • The consultants included McElhanney Engineering Services Ltd. (design management); Buckland & Taylor Ltd (bridge and structures design); exp Services Inc. (geotechnical design, environmental and quality management); and DMD & Associates Ltd (street lighting, signals). Consultants from each discipline were coordinated by a single design manager from McElhanney Engineering Services.
  • Key subcontractors were Coquitlam Ridge Constructors (bridge and walls); Trans-Western Electric (lighting and signals); and Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. (foundation construction).

Owner: Township of Langley
Consultant: McElhanney Services Ltd.
Design-Builder: BA Blacktop Ltd.

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